Does your residence determine your character as people say: For example,All Nyeri ladies are violent; almost all Kakamega men working in Nairobi are watchmen; All Meru men are hot tempered; All ‘ghetto’ dwellers are robbers;all campus ladies are gold-diggers; etc or is just stereotyping?


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  1. highly disagree with that, am hot tempered but not from Meru, my wife is the best in the universe and also from Nyeri. Our watchman is a guy from Thika

  2. I married to a Nyeri lady who is in campus and she’s neither violent nor a gold digger. I work in Nairobi n some of my job colleagues come from western province(Kakamega to be specific), I’m not a watchman. I once worked at Adopt-a-light n used to live in Mukuru kwa Reuben, a slum, I wasn’t a robber n neither were my neighbours. Can’t tell much about Meru men. Substituting ‘All’ with ‘Some’ or ‘Most’ would sound realistic but with ‘All’ id term the phrase a stereotype.

  3. mimi ni Nyeri na cjawahi sikia hubby akicomplain ati nimemdominate

  4. That is stereotypical… The arguements are illogical, u know what I mean? Not valid!

  5. Damian Baba Shiro

    So true,hehehe

  6. What matters is your nature. There are always those who lead by example and some wait to be led. A leader will take his/ her own path and others will follow it.

  7. mong'eri judith

    not in the context that you put it when ure trying to give examples! yes the environmental factors can highly affect one’s characters and behaviour! if a child is brought up in a violent family he/ she will develop an attitude which might/not change completely! in drug dealing environs, there’s a possibility! now, issues to do with nyeri and the rest is stereotyping! its not exactly that all are doing it in nyeri! its the few who are painting the town red and not all!

  8. Mimi ni m-nyeri, I may have beaten sme jamaas smwea…hehe!!

  9. i really disagree with ur argument coz not all people behave the all depends with the environment u were brought up.if,for example,a violent one u end up following the same trend

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