How many people are affected by spinal cord injuries in Kenya?
Data indicates that there are 50,000-75,000 cases with over 15,000 new cases recorded annually. Sadly, the post death rates are high due to the lack of appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. As a result, the figures constantly remain conservative due to lack of accurately updated records. (Source: Medical Services)
What are the leading causes for spinal injuries?
Sixty-five percent (65%) of spinal injuries are attributed to Road traffic accidents (RTA). This is followed by falling from heights, which contributes, to about twenty-five percent (25%). Security related incidences such as gunshots, assault and stabbing] comprise about seven-percent (7%). Sporting activity [diving, rugby, football, equestrian-horse riding] injuries constitute two-percent (2%). One percent is attributed to ailments and birth-related complications (Source: Ministry of Medical Services)
What are the existing treatment facilities for spinal injuries in Kenya?

National Spinal Injury Hospital (NSIH) is a national referral facility with a capacity of thirty-two (32) beds only. For this reason, it cannot accommodate more than thirty (30) patients at any one time; two-2 beds are to be spared for medical procedures. Statistics indicates that there are over two hundred (200) persons waiting for treatment at any time (Ministry of Medical Services. Unfortunately, most of them die before accessing treatment due to the lack of space for new admissions at the facility.
What’s the difference between the proposed KPO rehabilitation center and National Spinal Injury Hospital?
The National Spinal Injury Hospital (NSIH) as the name suggests, is a hospital whose core mandate is to offer medical treatment for spinal injury and it does just that – undertakes medical procedures at acute stage to heal the injury and stabilize the patient. The KPO Rehabilitation and Trauma Center will primarily concern itself with the prevention of secondary complications, maximization of physical functioning and reintegration of persons with a spinal injury into the community.

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