The media has hitherto developed as a credible institution that gives her consumers vital information and shapes their behaviour through agenda setting.
We could however be experiencing a metamorphosis to an uncredible institution. Journalists fail to research. In so doing, the give info that the audience can get anywhere else,which could be misleading. What happens when they give misleading information? The audience loses trust in them. A few examples:
*From Miguna Miguna himself&the immigration department,Miguna is in Netherlands. Did any institution that reported that he is in Canada,infact all of them,do any research?
*’peeling back the mask’ is a 500 page book,has any media house read it before reporting on it? So far K24&NTV have not read it.
*Is the media being impartial and equal when reporting on that book or are they failing to give both sides a platform to give their opinion,e.g Miguna is a fugitive;Raila is that corrupt?


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  1. Francisca Kinyanjui

    That is an amazing report. I howevere think you should give more examples e.g the case of former deputy chief justice Nancy baraza. I do agree with you on the ones you have issued.

  2. Nduati Michuki

    That appears to be naked truth. Journalists should understand that no matter how shallow or short a line is from whatever he/she reports, it gets to be perceived directly by ears of millions of audience where each person reacts according to how he/she understood from that journalist’s report. Research should be the major considerable and recommended factor before embarking on any given project, and not only research, but in-depth, through and cited research…… thanks Solo for the blog. Thumbs up!!

  3. hez such a snitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the media should be careful of what they preach since the results of their actions always give negative effects on the victims.. they should research, research and do more research before having certain issues as news and they should be fair and accurate in their news making.

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