Have you tested for HIV? How much do you trust the results? It has now emerged that not all results can be trusted. It is actually something that has been there but probably you need more cognisance of.
During that HIV test,what the doctors test for is not the presence of the HIV virus in your blood. According to Wanjiru Karungu,a medical scholar,the human blood releases CD4 IMMUNOGLOBULINs in the presence of the HIV virus.
In some case,although rare,the human blood may release that antibody(CD4 IMMUNOGLOBULIN) even in the absence of the virus. One therefore tests HIV positive,but is actually negative.
Other cases have had the antibody not detected even in the presence of HIV. In this case one can test negative whereas they are positive.
“The HIV is detected when one has a CD4 of less than 200,above 500 diet is sufficient therapy,”say Raphael Munyiri a pharmacist and scholar.
The best remedy now is to have the HIV test three times after every three months. Similar consistent results can then give an assurance of the results.


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