An Al Shabaab attack has today threatened the security in Ruiru.
Two men believed to be members of the Al Shabaab militia group were arrested by Administration Police in Ruiru around the new Angels Company. The men had been wandering around the company presumably waiting for the workers the resume to the afternoon session for them to carry out the attack. They were in possession of materials believed to make explosives or be explosives.
“They were so smartly dressed that you would think they were managers to a certain company. But I was feeling paranoid. Thanks God the police had noticed them,” says Vero Ritz,a worker in Angels,”I thank God because my brother and I could have died leaving my mother childless.”
The two men are said to have been in the company of another lady who was entertaining them pending the attack;but the lady was not arrested.
Security has been beefed in the area under the request of Angels CO. management after an employee was threatened by a colleague employee.
Solomon’s Insights is still following up the story.


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  2. john njoroge

    …si vako…. foolish day kwani ili change

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