Did the media fuel the PEV?

The media does all over the world contribute to violence. Jefferson having portrayed the media as the fourth estate, it means that it has the monopoly of weapons of mass destruction like Marx Weber would put it. The weapons are in this case more of slander than physical ones.

The media has been blamed of demonising on side in a conflict; portraying war as the only alternative whereas there are other means to resolve it;omitting reconciliation;fueling hatred among other areas.

The media however has the following roles in moderating conflicts:

1. Acting as mediators

2. Advocating for adoption of other people’s values and ideologies

3. Giving factual info and not propaganda

4. Publicising human rights and norms that dissuade war

5. Censuring hate speech

6. Undermining harmful stereotypes

7. Accounting for credibility of leaders who incite violence

8. Reframing issues that ignite violence

9. Avoid sensationalism

10. Train journalists on conflict reporting

11. Journalists should be well versed with the IHL and the impacts of war

12. Do not commercialise conflict

13. Observe media ethics

Where the media acts contrary to the aforegoing, it accelerates war. Did the Kenyan media therefore accelerate the PEV? We give you the facts, so that you can critically decide.


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