You always find them in each town and busy roads in Kenya; boda boda motorcycles. The name comes from Western Kenya. Bicycles would cross people over the Kenyan-Ugandan border, hence ‘boda boda.’
Bicycles are now being outdated, being replaced by motorbikes, popularly called Hondas. Their flexibility has boosted transport in the country. They have also created employment thus boosting our economy.
The bikes have however hidden atrocities that you may or may not be aware of.
Motorcycles like any other motorists are obliged to the traffic act rule of Kenya. This is in spite of their presumed small size. Do you know it is an offence to ride on a motorcycle that is not insured or the motorist is not licensed? It is a wonder how many of these rides we take without considering this precaution. Perhaps the most common refrain would be, “…because I am late!”
I would rather you prefer a late earth than an early heaven; losing a minute in life to save a life in a minute.
The maximum number a motorcycle should carry is one passenger.
I have seen passengers molesting the motorist by making him sit on the petrol tank while close to a family is getting the ride.
Overloading it with luggage is also a hazard. Over speeding is also a major cause of road accidents especially with the motor cycles.
The Insight has received sentiments from residents around the bypass. A boda boda operator lost his life near the Githunguri Primary junction after he was ran over by a vehicle while he was waiting for a customer.
“These accidents occur almost daily. We feel that it is our duty to minimize them. Motorists should drive at the allowed speed and follow the traffic rules,” proposed Macharia, one of the boda boda operators at the junction.
When taking a ride, you should always insist on a helmet and a reflector jacket for the safety of your health and your life.
I never cease wondering who is to blame in case of pneumonia resulting from wind or an accident; is it the passenger, motorist, or the government? It is easy to avoid the blame game by being cautious. Better safe than sorry, the intelligent ones say.


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