‘So and so and 206 of your hearties like the page.’ I saw that in my Facebook homepage. That drew my curiosity to visit the page, and to my surprise, the page has over 34,000 likes by the time I am writing this story. You could wonder what it is about, but yes, as the title suggests, it is a page where young campus girls, not over 26 years, are looking for old rich men to exchange their money for sex. This morning Kiss 100 and Classic 105 talked about the page, and immediately more than 15,000 people liked the page. The admin however condemned and even threatened the broadcasters on talking about him.
Right now we are not talking about the repercussions of the social media but the eroded morals of our campus students. Visit the site (link given below) and you will notice. Young girls desperate for money are posting all kinds of photos with an aim to attracting rich men. Some are as young as eighteen. Those above 26 years are not allowed by the admin. What these girls may not accept is that they are engaging in prostitution. Prostitution is where someone exchanges sex for money or other goods and services.
A naughty update by the admin in that page, or a photo upload of the “diva” is getting as much as 600 comments and more than 100 likes. I quoted “divas” because most of the pictures that I have seen are not of divas, but of either little children or elderly women feigning their age. The large number of likes is however dominated by critics; people condemning the updates, the behavior, or the ladies seeking the sugar daddies. There has even been started an anti thst page in facebook- with over 8,000 likes. You are not yet surprised until you realize that arrangements of sex party are underway for the formerly mentioned page. The admin says that 300 campus divas and 100 rich men will be attending the party where, by use of censored words of one syllable, sex and money will be the tools of trade.
My investigations reveal that this page, and probably others of the same kind, are administrated by canny people seeking to make money. They organize unions, by connecting the rich men to the campus girls and charge some fee for them to give contacts. I have also seen other pages where dating and sex is the subject of concern, and due to the high number of likes by the audience, they charge to do advertisements on the page. The cunning administrators expose the young students, who are willing to adventure, into perils of sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and kidnapping.
When it comes to this, multiple questions arise. Who is to blame; the cunning admins, the oblivious students or the affluent sugar daddies? Have we come to a point where we can all support social media communication monitoring so that we can protect our youth from being used? Is there enough behavior training both at home and school?
As we cogitate on these questions, a team is investigating on the operations of the page and could file a legal suit on the principles of the Sexual Offences Act.


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