In the contemporary world sex is not being seen as a major issue like was in the past. “We are living in a world where losing one’s phone is more painful and dramatic than losing one’s virginity,” I heard my friend say. This is likely to be true.
In the African Traditional society, sex was only meant for married people. Young people could uphold virginity, which was highly valued, to their marriage. In Kenya, the Maasai practice initiation for ladies. It is a whole painful practice where only a small opening is left. After marriage, the husband can then know whether the lady has maintained her virginity or not. With the Swazis, it is illicit to break one’s virginity. You may wonder how they know whether one has had sex or not. For men, after a night of partying and drinking, they are made to tie a rope between two poles. The rope is at the height of their shoulders. They then step two meters aback and are made to pass urine above the rope. Those who fail are declared not to be virgins and their families fined heavily. There is also a way of testing whether ladies are virgins or not. These methods are however not scientifically proven.
A peek into various social media sites reveals different pages where people look for friends with benefits. Several people also update that they are searching for such. In this case people become friends, just for sex with no strings attached. There is even a movie produced in Hollywood called ‘friends with benefits’. This shows that the practice of sex before marriage is practiced globally. It is a world where friends and even relatives have sex with no inch of worry. In several groups in Facebook, I have seen young men, 18 years, who say that they have had sex for more than 250 times, with different people.
Different institutions also seem to have adopted the phrase that sex is greetings. The Standard newspaper wrote a substandard story a week ago on 20 benefits of sex, which was actually lifted from Google. They did not point out a single negative effect of sex. In India they have discovered a cream that is said to restore virginity in old women; 18 Again. It is meant to empower women by giving them a feeling of being a virgin. Such creams are also there in Kenya.
Sex is no longer sacred. It is no longer valued. It is hereby a kind of greeting. The negative impacts of sex are however feared all over the world. Pregnancies and sexually transmitted ailments are the most feared. Surprisingly enough is that STIs including AIDS are preferred to pregnancies. Many people fear what the public will notice than what they can not know. Pregnancies are terminated as early as it is detected. Yet all these, we may not have a moral ground to question.


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