Most of the occupations that people are working in are not professions. This follows the fact that there are just a few of them meeting the qualifications of a profession.There are seven conditions that a profession meets over and above the usual occupations.
The people working in the occupation must have esoteric knowledge and profound proficiency which is not exhibited by the other members of the public. This should enable the former to serve the society using these skills,for example accountants.
The members of that profession must prove their knowledge and skills beyond reasonable doubt by passing an exam that has been set,supervised and marked by a recognised professional body like the university,KASNEB or ICM.
The members must publicly take an oath offering themselves to serve humanity with their skills.
Members of the occupation must have the capacity to exercise a high level of individual autonomy and independence of their judgement in their practice;avoiding decisions that would discredit their profession.
The occupation must have a profession body that must have the power to regulate professional practice and to admit members before they begin the practice or expel them should they misbehave.
The occupation must have a professional code of conduct to regulate and guide how the profession is practised.
The members must have a professional licence to practise their tasks.
An occupation that meets nothing less but the aforegoing is what is recognised as a profession in the entire world.


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