The current landmark ruling by the Supreme Court of Kenya upholding the declaration of IEBC of the Uhuru Kenyatta presidency has educed a debate among Raila Odinga’s supporters on whether the verdict was just. Majority of the supporters I interviewed think that the ruling was a breach of justice.

A journalism student in the University of Nairobi, who is also a student representative, updated in his Facebook account that,”Raila Amollo Odinga, forever together. Corded I
was, Corded I am and Corded forever I will be,in Kenya justice goes to the highest bidder.” He went on further to say that impugnity will rule Kenya forever after his colleague said,”On my side i have been CORD Partriotic and will continue in the CORD spirit. Only that i have made a vardict to vote
none unless otherwise.” CORD is the accronym for Coalition Of Reforms and Democracy on whose ticket which the former Kenya Prime Minister, 2013 elections first runners up and the elections petitioner was running on.

In his interview with the BBC on phone, Raila conceded defeat and wished president Uhuru well. He however expressed disatisfaction with the Supreme Court saying it had already created voter apathy for the 2017 general elections.

Raila, just like the petition respondents, was represented by among the best legal minds in his petition. Each of the counsels was paid between 20-100 million shillings for the least and highest paid, respectively. Raila had 20 lawyers on his bar. It was however evident from his submissions and those of the respondents that he was most likely to lose the case. Most of his lawyers did not even attend the court proceedings during the oral evidence submissions of the respondents. They went along with their normal business, perhaps certain about the inclination of the case. After the ruling, the whole country was calm except in Kisumu his home city where there were chaos that saw two people killed and twenty injured with property of his supporters being looted,by his supporters.

The utterances of Raila on voter apathy already have created the apathy among his supporters. A page in Facebook has been created and people who are swearing never to vote again have been joining the page. What they may not be aware of iis that by not voting they will have already voted, for the candidate they did not want. By the time of publishing this story.there are over 23,000 members. The link of the page is

As we remain pondering whether justice is only when Raila wins, president Kenyatta is now left with the big task of uniting Kenyans despite their political orientation and building the confidence of the rival voters again,at least in a five-years time frame.


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